Backlit SEG Fabric Frames for Tradeshow Exhibit

Large Frameless Fabric Light Boxes Free-standing1

Signage for tradeshows is extremely important as it is the first impression you have with potential customers, and your company is competing against industry rivals to attract these buyers. To stand out it easy to go bigger, but often times that is done using rigid substrates, which can be extremely expensive and have seams in the graphic to reach the desired size. Silicone Edge Graphics and Framing Systems offer an economic option compared to other options.


Backlit Fabric Silicone Edge Graphic & Light Box

Recently we saw some extremely stunning Framed SEG Fabric Light Boxes that were free standing backdrops for the 2016 GPU Technology Conference. These light boxes were roughly sixteen feet in length and over eight feet in height. The detail in the graphics was very impressive, but what was more impressive was the SEG Fabric Frame housing these graphics.

Fabric Frame Light Box SEG Free Standing

There was no leaning or structural stability issues.  The depth of the frames was roughly four inches and looked to provide perimeter lighting because of the even distribution without hot or cold spots.

SEG Frame Light Box Backlit Fabric Graphic

These SEG Backlit Fabric Light Boxes were a fan favorite. It truly is amazing what can be achieved with SEG Fabric Frames and Light Boxes.