SEG Fabric Signage Goes Big

SEG Fabric Signage

Silicone Edge Graphics and Framing Systems are being used in a number of large luxury brands in the retail location. SEG Signage is being used because it offers benefits that other large format printed options can’t. The benefits include easy assembly, interchangeable graphics, cost efficiency, large visual impact, and usually no break in the graphic. It is no wonder that these brands are switching from traditional substrate options to large format SEG Signage.

You can go into almost any luxury brand retail shop and find SEG Signage being displayed. These fabric displays can be found in such retail locations such as H&M, Topshop, Tesla, Aldo, Old Navy, and many others. This signage option is even making its way into trade shows, events and other locations like airports. Be on the lookout for more updates about Silicone Edge Fabric.