CAT Footwear Fashion Show Make A Scene

CAT Footwear Launch Party Paint By Numbers Fabric

CAT Footwear invited the public to “Make a Scene” by expressing their creative side with a giant paint by number SEG fabric graphic for their Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show at Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The local footwear company, based in Rockford, MI, puts on a runway fashion show twice a year to announce their new collections to distributors. This is the first time the fashion event was open to the public in downtown Grand Rapids.

SEG Paintable Fabric at CAT Footwear Launch Party Grand Rapids Michigan

These three large SEG Fabric Graphics were each roughly 14 feet in length and provided an excellent canvas for the public to paint on. This incredible interactive SEG Fabric Signage display had a wonderful turnout. The use of tension fabric gave the graphic enough rigidity to withstand people painting on it, while keeping its taut presentation. The Fabric graphics were finished with a silicone beading that was sewn around the perimeter of the fabric and inserted into a channel that hid the frame and support bars. To secure the frame it was mounted to a scaffolding, without any visible hardware to make a clean polished appearance.

SEG Fabric Calder Plaza Cat Footwear Fashion Show Grand Rapids

People of all ages enjoyed putting their mark on finished SEG Fabric paint by number graphic. The huge graphic added the artistic interactive element CAT Footwear was looking for. It also served as a great photo backdrop for attendees at the event.